Studio Updates, Jan. 31st, 2020

  • You are solely responsible for checking our schedule of classes and our policies, and giving us the required notice for absences.

  • Participation in each class and timely arrival in correct uniform has always been a requirement, and is a policy we will be more strictly enforcing. 

  • When recital choreography begins (first week of Feb), each student is permitted only 3 absences. Please plan ahead accordingly.

  • We require FULL and TIMELY attendance for all classes/events in May and June. No absences will be excused.*


Attendance and Dress:
  • Arriving on time to classes ensures that your student is prepared to learn, and that their arrival is not disruptive to the class running. 

  •  Your student is required to attend class in the appropriate uniform. This includes the correct hair and footwear. (You can read about the requirements here, and ask your student’s teacher if you have further questions.


If your student has a planned absence, such as:

  • A school event: a dance, band, choir, track

  • A vacation

  • family events

All teachers affected must be told personally by the student with a minimum of 2 weeks notice. 

Absences due to contagious illness or emergency will of course also be excused! Any other reason, or less than 2 weeks notice, will be marked as Unexcused, and may initiate a follow-up conversation.


Make-Up Classes:

Starting in February, we will be adding a mixed-age Make-up Class once a month! It will be scheduled for a Saturday near the end of the month, and will be required for any student age 8+ who misses any class during the month.

Students may also take the make-up class to erase one incident of tardiness, or incorrect/incomplete uniform from their record!


Important, Please Note:

3 incidents of non-observance of these policies, including dress code, tardiness, or unexcused absence, will result in a corrective conversation, and continued unchanged behavior may result in your student’s removal from recital performances (if your student is deemed under-prepared to perform).

Please note that as costumes are custom orders, they cannot be refunded in the event that your student is not prepared to perform.


*If your student has an important event (i.e. family wedding, Nature’s Classroom, school trip) scheduled for May/June, please let their teacher(s) know by Jan. 31st, so we can make appropriate plans and accommodations.

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Studio Policies

Class Placement

Placement is based on a combination of age, experience level and individual ability. Changes may be made after registration to assure the best interest of the individual student. 

Attendance / Make-up Classes

Each exciting lesson is integral to the progress of every student. Regular attendance is very important to the students and the teachers. Students must notify the dance center if they will be absent. Make-up classes are encourage, and must be attended within 1 month.

Inclement Weather

Cancellations due to inclement weather are rare. When possible, cancellations will be announced on the center's answering machine. If school is cancelled, afternoon and evening classes may be held as scheduled as long as the roads are clear. Any classes missed due to inclement weather should be made up by coming to another class during the week at the convenience of the student. Sorry, no special make up classes will be arranged. 


Patricia Brosnihan Dance Center, Inc. reserves the right to change or cancel courses and times according to enrollment. If a cancellation or time change is necessary, you will receive a telephone call or email explaining the cancellation or time change.

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Payment Policy

Payment Schedule
  • The first equal installment tuition payment plus the annual registration fee is due upon registering. 

  • A place in a class will not be held until this tuition and registration fee is received. Please note there are no refunds, transfers or credits given for early withdrawals. See Refund Policy.

  • The dance center accepts cash and personal checks. Please make checks payable to Patricia Brosnihan Dance Center, Inc. A $15.00 service charge will be assessed on all checks returned to the dance center.

  • Any outstanding semester or term tuition balance over 30 days will be billed an additional $15.00 to cover administrative costs. A $10.00 late charge will be added to any equal installment tuition balance unpaid by the 15th day of the month due. 

  • Any outstanding balance over 60 days will result in dismissal from classes until the account is paid. A $15.00 service charge will be assessed on all checks returned to the dance center. 


The dance center regrets that there can be no refunds of tuition or registration fee unless a class is canceled. Once enrolled, students are charged for the full amount of the tuition for the remainder of the semester. No deductions, transfers or refunds from the Center's fixed charges may be made for withdrawal or classes missed. 

Tuition Credits

Tuition Credits for the next semester can only be issued for a long term illness or injury when a student presents a note from a physician or nurse. Credit will be issued for the number of classes missed after the date the Center is notified of the student's inability to take class. 

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