Dress Code

Acro/Flex - all levels

Dance leotard (any color)​, tan footless or transition tights (transition ballet tights OK if attending ballet immediately before/after), optional: dance shorts.

Shoes: Foot Undies (no lyrical half-shoes)

Hair: Ponytail (no buns)

Ballet PreK-1st Grade/Combo classes

Dance leotard, light pink or light purple. Ballet pink tights

Shoes: Pink ballet slippers, white tap shoes

Hair: Bun or braid(s) - NO ponytails

Ballet Primary I & II

Dance leotard in light pink. 

Ballet Pink tights  see here

Shoes: pink ballet slippers, full sole, canvas or leather (Capezio preferred)

Hair: Bun or braid(s) - NO ponytails

optional: dance sweater in black or pink, and/or dance skirt

Ballet IA & up (through Pointe)

Dance leotard, black.

Ballet Pink tights, with back seam  see here

Shoes: Split-sole stretch canvas, recommended: Capezio Hanami (these size approx. 2.5 sizes above street shoe size) see here

Hair: Bun only

optional: ballet wrap skirt, thigh-high leg warmers and/or dance sweaters in black or pink.


Appropriate wear for Ballet or Lyrical class.​


Black jazz pant, leggings, or joggers, & dance top in a solid color (leotard not required)

Shoes: hip-hop dance sneakers

Hair: Ponytail or bun


Dance leotard, any color. Tan dance tights or black leggings (no printed/colored, or boot cut yoga pants)

Shoes: Tan slip-on jazz shoes (Capezio recommended)

Hair: Ponytail or bun

recommended: Yoga blocks


Dance leotard, any color. Tan footless or conversion tights

Shoes: Lyrical half-shoes (Capezio recommended)

Hair: Ponytail or bun

optional: Dance shorts

recommended: Yoga blocks


Dance leotard, any color. Tights, black leggings, or yoga pants

Shoes: Black lace-up tap shoes (Capezio recommended)

Hair: Ponytail or bun

optional: Dance shirt or shorts

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Classroom Behavior

What We Expect - Dress and Timeliness

We expect each student to arrive to classes on time, dressed in attire appropriate for that specific class. This includes correct footwear, and hair already in place.

Arriving on time and fully ready enables our teachers to maximize the full class time with the fewest disruptions.

What We Expect - Behavior in the Classroom

Respect is a core value of our studio. This includes respect for the building and classroom tools, respect for each other, and respect for our teachers. Arriving prepared is part of that respect for the busy schedule of our classes.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and harassment. Students involved may be dismissed from class and parents/guardians will be informed. We will work with the students and their parents whenever possible to find a peaceable solution going forward.

Our teachers work hard to be fair and kind, arriving prepared to every lesson. We expect our students to treat their teachers with respect, and adhere to class rules. If a student or parent takes issue with a rule or class requirement, we encourage you to address it with the teacher as soon as possible. We will always be happy to address any concerns, and we prioritize our students having the best possible learning environment.

Our Promise to You

We commit to being prepared for each class, to being consistent and fair in our ​behavior towards students, and in finding solutions to any problems that may arise. Fun and Educational classes are maintained when both teachers and students behave respectfully, and we continue to strive to communicate in an effective and timely manner.

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