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Acro & Flexibility

Acro-dance and Flexibility classes are a great way to pack a lot of technical training into fun segments. Students in Acro will learn cartwheels, roundoffs, lifts, flips, stage tricks, and so much more! Our flexibility classes are a chance to focus on proper development of flexibility in a way that safely promotes muscle elasticity and strength.

These classes are a great addition to any technique classes!

Tap Dance Class

Come join one of our jazz classes, and get ready to have some fun dancing to your favorite songs! Each class will have stretching and warm-up, and include learning the footwork, movements, and body isolations that set Jazz apart.

Young Ballerinas

Our ballet classes focus on the technique and expression of this classical dance form. Students will learn the foundations of this style, adding focus on personal expression and character portrayal as they progress. Each class will include barre work, center work, and leaps and jumps across the floor, as we seek to strengthen muscle groups and develop motor skills and flexibility. 

Modern Dance Leap

Lyrical is a beautifully expressive dance style. Its is a Jazz-based dance form with many similarities borrowed from Ballet. It is most often danced to music with lyrics, and is focused on the deeply emotional expression of movement.

Students in a lyrical class greatly benefit from also being enrolled in a Jazz or Ballet technique class.

Hip Hop Class
Hip Hop

Pop and Lock yourself into a great time with one of our hip-hop classes! Hip-hop is a dance form relative to breakdancing, and our classes focus on the jazzy, lyrical choreography of the style. 

Dancers with Tap Shoes

Join a class that will keep you literally tapping your toes! Our littlest tap-dancers learn this style in ballet/tap combo classes, but students in approx. 2nd grade and higher have the chance to study with Miss Kelsey. They will learn the classic techniques of this style, with the opportunity to dance to a fun mix of music, including old classics, and modern favorites.

Youth Dance Group
Company & Competition

by invitation only

We are proud to offer a competion team and a dance Company. 

Company offers dancers the opportunity to perform on many occasions, in addition to the usual holiday fundraising show, and the end of year recital. A great fit for dancers who don't mind extra classes, and love the stage!

Our competition teams compete a variety of levels and ages. Our competition teams frequently win Best Overall awards!

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Class Calendar, 2021-2022